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Ox Mountains Mayo Tours

The ox mountains are situated to the east of County Mayo. These mountains should properly be called "Sliabh Ghnamh" which means the Stormy Mountains but the name has been misinterpeted into the Ox mountains or "Sliabh Dhamh" the Gaelic word "Ghnamh" meaning piercing, cold, wintery has been misunderstood during the translation from Gaelic to English for another word of similar sound namely "Dhamh" which signifies Ox.

Legend has it Gamha, one of Irelands first mythical invaders was beheaded on the mountain and his head was thrown down a well causing it to be enchanted and altering its taste. Another legend has it that on these mountains there lived a monstrous Ox of great age. The ox was killed by a warrior called Cuaigh in a battle. Rahah,the owner of the ox was outraged at Cuaigh and so in order to escape the wrath of Rahah Cuaigh concealed himself in one of the animals horns.

These enchanted and unpolluted mountains stretch to the borders of County Sligo and are a dream destination for walking enthusiasts. The white lines are stone walls built around the time of the famine enclosing small plots of poor land which indicates even the most rugged landscapes were farmed for survival. In this picture you can see why they would be called "Sliabh Ghamh" cold, piercing mountains in winter time.

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