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Moyne Abbey

This remarkable example of a Franciscan Monastery is one of the best preserved in Ireland, and is rich with history and cultural significance. No visit to Mayo would be complete without seeing this Abbey in all its medieval glory, and learning about its influence on the area and peoples around it.

The Church consists of a rectangular nave and chancel with an eastward extension of the nave which is wider than it. The west doorway was added in the 17th century. There is also a chapel running southwards from the east end of the church. The stairs of the tower are still intact. The well preserved cloisters were added towards the end of the 15th century.

The various buildings surrounding it include a sacristy next to the church with a chapter house beside it, and on the side opposite the church there is a kitchen and refectory, under which a stream flows.

The friars remained long after the Dissolution. Sir Richard Bingham burned the friary in 1590. In 1617 it was in the hands of an unnamed widow who, however, still allowed the friars to remain on. At that time there were only 6 friars left. The last Friar probably died around 1800.

Visible along the route will be the beautiful and ancient lacken strand. Its a beautiful beach on the north side of Killala bay. In the background you can see the Ox mountains and center back you can see "Knock na Rea"the mountain where queen Maebh, warrior queen of Connaught is buried.

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