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Killala Round Tower

This tower, built about 1,000 years ago, is 25 metres high and the lowest entrance is 3.3 metres above the ground. Some say that the souterrain in the grounds of the church across the road leads into it.
Killala is of high antiquarian and historical interest. It was for many centuries a bishop's see, the foundation being attributed to St Patrick in the 5th century, but the diocese was joined with Achonry early in the 17th century and with Tuam in 1833. The cathedral church of St Patrick is a plain structure of the 17th century. There is a fine souterrain, evidently connected with a rath, or encampment, in the graveyard.

The round tower in the centre of the town stands approx. 25 metres high and dates from 1170 - 1230 (after the Viking invasions). The entrance to the tower is raised approximately 3 metres above ground level and was reached by a ladder that could be withdrawn into the tower in order to prevent attackers gaining entry. Usually these towers were for the protection of monks and were used as safe repositories for manuscripts and treasures of the church.

Also along the route will be Bartragh Island. This 300 acre island is situated in the middle of Killala bay. It was once owned by a British army officer called Captain Roberts. It's currently owned by the famous golfer Nick Faldo who plans to transform it into a world class golf course. In the background you can see Enniscrone Seaside Resort in County Sligo.

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