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Foxford Woollen Mills Admiral William Browne Hennigans Heritage Centre Fr Peyton heritage Centre Ox Mountains Ballymore Lake

The Heritage Tour of Mayo, Ireland!

Welcome to the heritage tour. Why not spend the day with Mayo Tours and let our professional Tour Guides gently disclose a way of life in the west of Ireland through the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries. From travelling through the breathtaking scenery of Knockmore and spectacular views of Lough Conn and Cullen to the world famous Foxford Woollen Mills, founded in 1892 where Mother Agnes can still be seen working in the Mill, and the birthplace of Admiral Willaim Browne, founder of the Argentinian navy, Hennigans heritage where there's bacon and cabbage galore, and the hens, geese and ducks roam free...

Panoramic views of County Mayo and Ballymore Lake as it proudly displays its Bronze Age Crannóg (man made island) from the wild and rugged Ox mountains where the main crops are heather and rocks. Nestled below is a place of respite, prayer and peace, the world famous Fr. Peyton memorial centre where good food, craic, and the seisún (an evening of Irish Music, song, and dance) is held every Thursday night at 9pm. Meet new people, make new friends, and enjoy the Irish hospitality! Contact us for further information about other tours and services we offer!

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Foxford Woollen Mills
Foxford Woolen Mills Since opening in 1992 The Foxford Woollen Mills Visitor Centre is recognised as one of the leading attractions in Ireland. At the core of this unique facility is the tour of the Working Woollen Mills which allows the visitor to experience the fascinating success of the Foxford Woollen Mills.
The Ox Mountains
Ox Mountains One of the natural wonders of the West of Ireland, the Ox mountains are a dream for walkers and hikers, with clear crisp air and a rugged natural beauty that is redolent of the history of the west of Ireland! Steeped in myth and ancient legend, they could be an entire tour in themselves!
Admiral William Browne
Admiral William Browne Admiral William Brown, born in Foxford, Co.Mayo, is acknowledged as ‘the father of Argentina’s Navy.’ He was a hero and friend of the Argentine people and the emancipator of a whole nation. In fact, his influence spread to other South American countries outside of Argentina. He was a man of action, and his exploits and heroism are acknowledged as having influenced the course of history.
Hennigans Heritage Centre
Hennigans Heritage Centre Situated in unspoilt countryside overlooking Creagaballa Lake 6.5km from the workhouse at Swinford where thousands of people from the region died during the 19th century due to starvation, and 8km from Foxford Woollen Mills Visitor Centre. Hennigan's Heritage is a new and unique development in the county. Here you can see and hear how this family survived on less than 10 acres of poorish land for nearly 200 years.

Ballymore Lake
Ballymore Lake Ballymore lake is a beautiful freshwater lake situated not far from Attymass village. A small unpolluted lake boasting an ancient Crannóg in the center. Crannóg means wood, tree or timber in Gaelic, and they are a type of ancient lake dwelling built with brushwood and branches weighted down with stones.
Father Peyton Centre
Father Peyton Centre Fr Peyton was one of Ireland's most famous priests and was internationally known as the 'Rosary Priest'. The Fr Peyton CSC Memorial Centre was officially opened and dedicated on 10th October 1998. The Centre commemorates the life and apostolic work of Fr Peyton CSC. It is a place of respite, prayer and peace. It is highly respected by pilgrims and is a popular tourist attraction.

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