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Hennigans Heritage Centre

Situated in unspoilt countryside overlooking Creagaballa Lake 6.5km from the workhouse at Swinford where thousands of people from the region died during the 19th century due to starvation, and 8km from Foxford Woollen Mills Visitor Centre. Hennigan's Heritage is a new and unique development in the county. Here you can see and hear how this family survived on less than 10 acres of poorish land for nearly 200 years

Here you can experience how people lived in a frugal, self sufficient community when work was hard and luxuries few. A revelation for younger generations. An authentic experience of life and traditions in rural Ireland. Our friendly and professional tour guides will join you in this classic Mayo experience!

One visitor describes it : " My family and I visited Hennigans Heritage farm which is situated just outside Swinford. Although a bit off the beaten track we had a brilliant time - Tom Hennigan tells the story of life in County Mayo - he uses plenty of anecdotes and tools/equipment/clothing that would have been used. The visit finished in Tom's family cottage which he left in 1970 - we all really enjoyed it!! my kids (8 and 5) were entranced and Tom made sure they were involved. Tom got his son to bring the kids into the farmyard where he spent time explaining to them how they looked after the geese, pigs etc. We ended up in the coffee shop with fresh scones and yummy coffee. I especially liked it because it wasn't "touristy" just a genuine person telling a real story!"

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