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Downpatrick Head Mayo Tours

Downpatrick Head, Ballycastle, Co. Mayo Thousands of visitors come through Ballycastle, Co. Mayo, each year, and stop to take in the sea stack known as Downpatrick Head.
Local legend states that the wicked chieftain, Crom Dubh, spent his last days marooned on this pillar which stands about 100 metres from the mainland. St. Patrick tried to convert this evil druid and his two sons to Christianity, and almost died in the process. Crom set his two wicked hounds on the saint, who drew a circle on the ground with his crozier, and as the hounds entered it, they became docile.

They even licked the sores on the saint's feet. Crom was so angry that he rushed at the saint, but with three strikes of the saint's crozier on the ground, the bridge to the stack just fell into the sea. Crom and one of his sons were marooned forever. Crom lived for a time as best he could on the stack, fishing and catching sea birds, but his power over the people was broken.

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