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The Céide Fields

The Céide Fields in North Mayo are a once in a lifetime experience. This is unlike any other archaeological monument or visitor centre. Here you can indulge yourself in a vast prehistoric landscape, a natural wild ecology of blanket bog, dramatic cliffs and coastline, and a much acclaimed building, which has received Ireland's most prestigious architectural award.
The Céide Fields are the oldest known field systems in the world, over five and a half millenia old. It is a unique Neolithic landscape of world importance, which has changed our perception of our Stone Age ancestors.

The remains of stone field walls, houses and megalithic tombs are preserved beneath a blanket of peat over several square miles. They tell a story of the everyday lives of a farming people, their organized society, their highly developed spiritual beliefs, and their struggle against a changing environment beyond their control.

Experience the unique ecology of the bogland, with it's colourful mosses, sedges, lichens, heathers, flowers and insect-eating sundews while listening to the larks. Find out the fascinating story of an ever-changing landscape, such as why bogs grow and the huge influence a subtle change in climate can bring about.

The Céide Fields Visitor Centre is run by Dúchas The Heritage Service and it houses displays and exhibitions in English and Irish. (Script of exhibition available in Dutch, French, German, Italian and Spanish).

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