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Admiral William Browne

Admiral William Brown, born in Foxford, Co.Mayo, is acknowledged as ‘the father of Argentina’s Navy.’ He was a hero and friend of the Argentine people and the emancipator of a whole nation. In fact, his influence spread to other South American countries outside of Argentina. He was a man of action, and his exploits and heroism are acknowledged as having influenced the course of history.

He was born in Foxford, on June 22nd, 1777. In the Rocoloea Cemetery in Buenos Aires there is a memorial with the inscription: “William Brown was born on 22nd June, 1777, at Foxford, County Mayo.” His uncle was Parish Priest of Foxford and was arrested for alleged complicity in the 1798 insurrection. Escaping from the barracks where he was detained, he went into hiding from his enemies, sheltering in Glanduff and other places from time to time in evasion of the pursuit that was hot on his tracks.

But it is in Argentina that his name is revered and honoured By sweeping the Spanish fleet from the River Plate in 1813, he struck a resounding blow at the domination and prestige of Spain in South America, and cleared the way for the independence and free development of Argentina. The home of his birth is part of the tour of Foxford, and can be viewed with our guides!

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